Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Use Sex to Rekindle Romance Fire In Relationship by Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D

 Has your sex life gone to sleep? No matter what the old wive's tales say about it, there's no reason not to have sex in long-term relationships. Sex not only will keep your love energized, it's also fun exercise, a great stress-releaser, and aerobic: it raises your heart rate and your respiration -- and you don't even notice you're working hard.

Here's how to make it easy and fun:

1. _Relax_.

Relaxing allows you to be more aware of your sexual energy, enhances sexual feelings, and frees you up to respond sexually. Allow time for morning sex when you are still relaxed from sleep, or after a nap.

2. _Lighten Up_

Because of media influence, most couples have an exaggerated, stressful image of sex. To have more fun, focus on having fun, instead of meeting a goal. Some sex encounters go well, some don't, so have a sense of humor. Spend more time giggling, talking and being silly and less time under pressure. A lighter attitude makes sex more fun.

3. _Communicate_

The best beginning for a lovely sexual encounter is a good, honest and open conversation. When you were new lovers, you talked and sex was easy. Frequently make time to "catch up" with each other over an unhurried dinner or breakfast. Express your hopes and dreams, clear the air, and you can both relax. From there, it's not such a long distance into the bedroom.

4. _Be Flexible_

Physical agility can be helpful, but emotional flexibility will really improve your sex life. The longer you and your partner are together, the more you need options. Here's a menu that can further show you how to use sex to rekindle romance fire in relationship:

*Quickies: brief sexual encounters that are great fun when you're pressed for time. Morning heavy petting can make the whole day more exciting.

*Sneaky Sex: Whispery sex behind locked doors while the children (or grandchildren) are watching TV is great fun, or sneak lovemaking in your childhood bedroom while visiting your parents.

* Romantic Sex: Pull out all the stops: candlelight, dinner, dancing, dressing up, perhaps a lovely hotel room, or a romantic dinner for two at home. It's great for celebrations, or anytime you need a boost.

* Newlywed Sex: Recreate your first married days: the time you met your husband at the door wearing only a negligee, surprise flowers, or silly, wildly in love things you said then.

* Make-up Sex: After an argument or a struggle, lovemaking can be extra tender and memorable.

* Comforting Sex: When one of you is sad or stressed, the other can be especially tender and soothing.

* Relaxing Sex: Laze around, have breakfast in bed, and make love for as long as you want; no pressure, no hurry and no demands on each other.

* Reassuring Sex: Tender affection reassures a partner who is temporarily insecure, and reaffirms your mutual love and commitment. Declare your love and remember how important it is.

* Fantasy Sex: Act out all the silly, forbidden or exciting fantasies: Nurse and patient (or doctor), children "playing house", famous movie star and adoring fan, or your two favorite characters from a soap opera, novel or movie. If you feel a little silly, laughter will only make it more fun. I am sure that you will agree that this menu is a great one to show how to use sex to rekindle romance fire in relationship.

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