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How to Rekindle Love In A Relationship – The Basic Ideas

Could it be that the hot romance in your relationship is fading away and this is cause of concern to you? You are definitely not the only one in the ship, I was once there before. It is necessary for me to share with you of the basic ideas that will show you how to rekindle love in a relationship.

Present your partner a unique gift: Imagine how renewed your love will be if only you can enhance your love making. Let it stop being routine, think of ways of adding spices to it. Think of unique unexpected presents you can give to your partner after love making. Introduce various love making styles and positions. Bring into play your imaginations.

Spend time together before the real act, cuddle with bare skin, look in each others eyes ever before the act of foreplay or lovemaking itself. The benefit of passionate lovemaking between couples cannot be over emphasized it is a magical ingredients in uniting two people to become inseparable. It is a sure basic way of how to rekindle love in a relationship.

Bring Into play Your Kid Days: what do I mean, bring back the old memories of your days in junior school. The two of you should take a walk to the park. Get hold of the swings with your partner and have ride with swings. You can go ahead and play with other equipments. This helps to rejuvenate the relationship.

Enjoy the Fun of playing with Water: This is only practicable during the summer time that the weather is hot. How do you get the fun? Get to the beach armed with two big water pistols. What do you do with it? Let each one of you have one and fight dirty with it in water after which you will have serious water splash. What happens after this? . You will discover that your relationship will be revived because you can relate with each other in most natural way.

These are few of how to rekindle love in a relationship which if you put in use will in doubt put life back into the romance fire that is fading out in your relationship.

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15 Powerful Love Quotes to Rekindle the love Your In Relationship

21 Ways to Rekindle the Romance Fire By Angel Oscar

Rekindling romance fire in relationship is continuous issue and lasting intimacy comes from everyday appreciation and a reverence for the daily moments we spend in the company of one another.

Here are 21 simple ways you can demonstrate the depth of your love. (The words 'he' and 'she' had been used interchangeably here.)

1. Leave a message on her voicemail with a silly, romantic poem love poems.

2. Stash a love note in his shoe.

3. Buy her luxurious new silk pyjamas that will make her feel treasured and cherished each time she puts them on.

4. Listen without interrupting.

5. Watch a sporting event together.

7. Surprise him by purchasing his favorite DVD or the latest CD of his favorite vocal artist and make sure that you create time to watch or listen to it together no matter how tight the schedule may be.

8. Talk lovingly about your partner to others, and avoid criticizing your mate to your friends or family. Even if your words never make it back to your partner, the tension and negative energy will eventually wedge its way between you. This is a magic tool in strengthening relationship

9. Find time to take a walk together no matter how tight the schedule may be.

10. Rub his back

11. Re-create your first date to bring the feeling all over again

13. Send a romantic text message to her while she is not with you. More interesting if she is in sitting room and you are on the lounge outside or in the bedroom. Just something to show that you are in love.

14. Rent a romantic movie and the two of you should watch it together

15. Have you been holding a grudge against your partner? Today, forgive it and move on. Witness how much power the act of forgiveness injects into your relationship. The power of forgiveness cannot be overestimated, it easily heal the wounds of ages.

16. Rub her feet.

17. Find creative places to write I Love you: in whipped cream on a slice of pie, carved into the side of an apple, in the steam on the bathroom mirror. and every place you can imagine.

19. Write her a love letter and mail it to her

20. Frame one of the favourite photo of the two of you as a couple and frame two copies: one for each of you to take to work.

Rekindle Lost Love In Your Relationship with Limerence and Pattern Breaking by Dr. Nuccitelli

Limerence is a cognitive and emotional state of being emotionally attached or even obsessed with another person, typically experienced involuntarily and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one's feelings, but not primarily for a sexual relationship (although it can further intensify the situation). This could be used as a good tool to rekindle lost love in your relationship

Tips to Return to Limerence and Pattern Breaking 

·         Plan The Limerence:
The couple learns the definition, discusses it, and plans their "Limerence Plan". The trick here is to make it a planned conscious effort. 

 Plan, using calendar, 2-3 times weekly when their plan will be discussed. The trick here is to stick to the schedule. 

·         Social Media Night:

Given that many people now access and use social media like Facebook and other sites, pick a night and visit the site together, post a photo of each other, title it something romantic, and send to all social media friends. This is wonderful and you will discover that it will easily help to rekindle lost love in your relationship

·         Cook, Cook, Cook.

Plan 1 night weekly or 1 time monthly if children live home and cook together. A great idea is watch a cooking show, pick a menu, grocery shop for ingredients together, cook the meal, and then enjoy on the couch in their pyjamas or make it formal. 

·         Music Montage:
As a couple, work a a team and compile songs from the year or decade they first met and make a CD. Once made, plan a Sunday drive long enough to listen to their new CD. By the time this is over the fire of lost love must have been rekindled.

I'm a NYS Licensed Psychologist and relationship expert. I can be reached at or via phone at 845-592-0120. Regards, Dr. Nuccit

Seven Ways to rekindle the love in your relationship By Bill Hudson

Successful and happy relationship doesn’t drop down from heaven it has to be worked on. It is common for those that are having strained relationship to feel that its straining is that it is not the right relationship. 

Nothing could be farther from truth.  Just like every other state of life like having a good physical health which requires exercise, eating well, and stress reduction, in the same way in order to rekindle the love in your relationship requires deliberate effort. 

Through these years and experience shared from other couples being counselled there are seven basic things that could be put into practice that can put sizzling fire in any relationship and make the romance flame to become a glowing one.

·         Be Personally Responsible
The position of taking personal responsibility in rekindling of the fire of romance in relationship cannot be over emphasized. In order words you learn how to take responsibility for your own feelings and needs. That is to say that you learn how make yourself feel happy and secure, through your own thoughts and actions, instead of you trying to get your partner to do this for you.

What we trying to bring into focus is learning treating yourself with kindness, caring, compassion, and acceptance instead of self-judgment. The only outcome of self –judgment is to leave you with unhappiness and insecurity, no matter how wonderfully your partner is treating you.

Take for instance  instead of getting annoyed at your partner for your feelings of abandonment when he or she is late, preoccupied and not listening to you, not turned on sexually, and so on, you would explore your own feelings of abandonment and discover how you might be abandoning yourself.

If you can successfully master the ability to be personally responsible to yourself it will be easy for you not to blame your partner any longer.  It has been discovered that in as much as you continue to blame your partner for your unhappiness the problem in the relationship will remain. So mastering being responsible for ones happiness in relationship is key to rekindle the love in your relationship.

That saying of the wise will ever do the magic, treat others the way you want to be treated. There is no doubt that this is the essence of a truly spiritual life. It is always our utmost desire to be treated lovingly; to be treated with kindness, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. It is essential that we treat ourselves in this way, and it is necessary that we treat our partner and others this way.

Fire of romance will spark up when couple treats each other with kindness.  It becomes more essential while there are no guarantees;  the irony of it is that treating one another with kindness always brings kindness in return. In case your partner is always angry, judgmental, uncaring and unkind, on regular basis, then what you need to do is to focus on what would be loving to yourself rather than reverting to anger, blame, judgment, withdrawal, resistance, or compliance. 

It is necessary to understand kindness to others does not necessarily mean sacrificing yourself. This brings to mind that taking responsibility for yourself rather than blaming others is the most important thing you can do. In as much as you are consistently kind to yourself and your partner, and your partner is always angry, blaming, withdrawn and unavailable, on regular basis then you either have to accept a distant relationship, or you need to leave the relationship. Even though this is very painful but remember that you cannot make your partner change – you can only change yourself.

It time of conflict there are always two ways to handle the conflict. You can use the conflict as a way to learn about yourself together with your partner to discover the deeper issues of the conflict. On the other hand you can use it as an opportunity to use controlling behaviour to win him or her.

There are many subtle ways of trying to control others into behaving the way we want. Some of this subtle ways are anger, blame, judgment, niceness, compliance, caretaking, resistance, withdrawal of love, explaining, teaching, defending, lying, denying, and so on. More often than not these always create even more conflict. 

It could be confidently concluded that remembering to learn instead of control is a vital part of improving your relationship. For instance the most common fear of most people are the fear of abandonment – of losing the other - and the fear of engulfment – of losing oneself. It had been observed that when these fears are made active the eventuality most often is for most people to immediately protect themselves against these fears with their controlling behaviour.

·         But if you chose to learn about your fears instead of attempt to control your partner, your fear would eventually heal. This is how we grow emotionally and spiritually – by learning instead of controlling.

·         Make Time One for Another

It is common that when people first fall in love, they make time for each other no matter how busy or tight their schedule may be. It is quite unfortunate that the common thing especially after getting married is to be so busy that they scarcely get time to date any longer.

You must never forget that relationships need time to thrive. So do you what you must do as a matter of must, that is to set aside specific times to be together. These are specific dates to talk, play, and make love. It is better to be reminded that the fire of romance cannot be rekindle without having time together.

It is wonderful to note that positive energy flows between two people when there is an "attitude of gratitude."  When you are found of constant complaints there is creation of heavy, negative energy, which does nobody any good for being around. Learn, cultivate the habit of being grateful for what you have rather than focusing on what you don't have. The usual result of complaints is stress, while gratitude brings inner peace. In order words the outcome of so gratitude is not only emotional and relationship health, but physical health as well. Therefore it helps a lot to rekindle the love in your relationship

·         Be Full of Fun and Play

You remember that popular saying; "work without play makes Jack a dull boy."  This is also true of relationship. If all that is involved in your relationship is work without play be sure that it will soon be dull and the flame of romance will quench.

The flame will be rekindled when the relationships is full of fun, when people laugh together, play together, and when humour is a part of everyday life. If you really want the type of romantic relationship stop taking everything so seriously and learn to see the funny side of life. There is no doubt that intimacy flourishes when there is lightness of being, not when everything is heavy.

Do you know one of the excellent ways of rekindling romance fire in relationship? It is doing service projects together. When you give to others your heart is filled the happiness and it creates deep satisfaction in the soul. Doing service moves you out of yourself and your own problems and supports a broader, more spiritual view of life and you will discover that it helps to rekindle the fire of romance in your relationship.

Six Valentine’s Resolutions for Struggling Relationships By Melissa Orlov

When we marry, we hope to remain happily married until death, yet that is not the experience that most of us have. Yes, most of us who get married will stay married, but to rekindle love in your relationship and have committed relationship generally include plenty of significant bumps and bruises. Here are some statistics to ponder:

* Information from the National Science Foundation suggests that in any given year about 12% of men and 7% of women say they have had sex outside of their marriage.

* As many as one in three couples struggles because one partner has a low sex drive

* Marriage research suggests that the first year of marriage includes a significant decrease in marital satisfaction and that in the years thereafter happiness continues to decline, though at a less steep rate

* More than two dozen studies since the early 1980s have demonstrated that marital happiness and relationship quality fall precipitously once couples have children

* New parents have eight times the number of arguments that non-parents have

* Marital dysfunction rates for couples in which one partner has ADHD are almost 60%

* Unemployment, one of the most stressful factors in a relationship, remains above 9%.

University of Texas sociologist, Norval Glenn, projects that about 24% of married couples will remain very happily married until death. That leaves a lot of the rest of us struggling with how we might actually make things better when Valentine's Day rolls around. For a truly meaningful Valentine's Day, don't focus on a single romantic gesture. Instead, consider making Valentine's Day the 'New Years' of romance – a time for making resolutions that will create lasting change for your relationship and rekindle love in your Relationship.

The good news? 

There is science behind how to do this. 

Here are six resolutions that can make Valentine's Day matter for a change:

    Significant marital research suggests that couples who argue using the right words, who are conscious of how to start and end a conversation, and who avoid accusatory, critical or harsh rhetoric in the middle can use disagreement to strengthen their marriage, rather than weaken it. 

So forget about what you are fighting about and focus instead about how you disagree. Healthy conflict puts you on a path to resolve your differences and help you to rekindle love in your relationship. Unproductive conflict, or avoiding conflict all together, means that your problems don't get solved, only aggravated.

    You know these patterns - one partner is eager to confront problems while the other dreads these conversations and retreats. Research by Sarah Holley of Berkeley suggests that this is not gender-based behaviour that might indicate that the problem is intractable, but rather an issue of who has power in the relationship.
 So figure out who that is by observing who has conversational dominance, then seek ways to more evenly respect the needs and power of each member of the couple.
·         We will change the proportion of positive interactions to negative ones. University of Washington researchers, including John Gottman, have determined that healthy relationships include at least five times more positive interactions than negative ones.

 So every time you create a negative reaction in your relationship, you need to self-consciously make up for it by creating five positive ones! Saying 'I'm sorry' is a good start, but it's only 1/5th of the work you need to do to rekindle love in your relationship

    If you have a child with ADHD, patterns of significant inconsistency in at least one spouse, chronic nagging and anger, or egregiously disproportionate distribution of responsibilities in your relationship the ADHD may be creating serious problems for you. Learning how ADHD impacts adult relationships will help you overcome the many challenges you currently face.

    In the age of connection our relationships suffer from too many distractions. A good way to start to repair the disconnection and damage that this causes is to regularly schedule time to focus on each other. It can be a weekly date night, spending every Saturday afternoon just banging around together, or creating a half-hour window of time to talk or be together every night at the time that the spouse who goes to bed earliest is ready to retire.

 It may not sound romantic, but research suggests that creating time to connect will both improve your relationship and provide long-lasting health benefits to you both.

    Research by Arthur Aron of Stony Brook University suggests that the fastest way to reconnect romantically is to do things together that are both challenging and new.

 Ever consider taking tango lessons? Going on a road trip to a new place? Learning a new sport? All of these things could help the two of you reconnect and improve your relationship and thereby help to rekindle love in your relationship.

As a marriage consultant and the author of The ADHD Effect on Marriage, Melissa Orlov specializes in helping couples impacted by ADHD improve their struggling relationships and learn to thrive. She blogs for Psychology Today, is the relationship columnist for ADDitude Magazine and has been interviewed for The New York Times, CNN, Today, US News and World Report and more.

More information:
For Better: The Science of a Good Marriage by Tara Parker-Pope
The ADHD Effect on Marriage by Melissa Orlov and/or the blog at

Tips to Rekindle the Romance Fire in Your Relationship By Ameen Ray

Are you wondering what had happened to your relationship of late and you are feeling that you need to rekindle the romance fire in your relationship. Hardly could you imagine where to start. Just pause a little and look around you will discover that it is easier than you might think.

It is dangerous if you delay any further, do something about it today, a stitch in time they say saves nine. Get yourself challenged and look for the secrets for rekindling the romance in your relationship.

Keeping romance alive in a long-term relationship is not only healthy but always necessary it is possible to make it the longer the sweeter if you put in place all that is necessary for the fire to be burning always.

When your relationship is kept in top shape you will discover that the act of rekindling the fire of romance is real fun and excitement, eventually the benefit proves to be double gain.

Don’t waste time, procrastination they say is a thief of time, do something today.  Do not procrastinate! The time in now, start today!

It is the fact that it is never too late and you are never too old to rekindle the romance fire in your relationship!
So let’s get going, let’s hit the nail on the 3 simple Secrets To Ignite The Flame
Nothing good come without effort so you have to make time for romance! Get   out your calendar!
Have some special days aside from Valentine’s Day and your anniversary, it is necessary that you commit time to your partner in more ways than one.
You did it once and it worked, you got her and in marriage, so if you try it again it will definitely work. Take time to add some mystery and fun back into your relationship with a few creative dating ideas. Get seclusive and enjoy the times spent together again. With this you will easily rekindle the romance fire in your relationship
Yes, I mean your sex life!

Get back a strong sexual relationship, this  is possible and it could be obtained at any age! It is great that sexual pleasure does not come with an expiration date! You can get it at will.

These are the simple ideas tossed to you it is a solid ground to start rekindling the fire of romance, though they are simple but the magic could be done if only and if you take time to implement them.